Ready to head to the islands of the Pacific?  Come enjoy food inspired by lush mountains, breath-giving beaches, rice paddies, the warm sun, volcanoes, and beautiful island people.
A new cookbook will be available soon!


Coming Soon!
A plant-based cookbook featuring delicious dishes inspired by the islands of Hawai’i, Japan, and the Philippines.

Created by Cristina Carolan, owner of Chef Veggie Personal Chef Services.

Cristina grew up in a multicultural home with a Filipina mother and has lived in Japan and 3 of the Hawaiian islands.  She knows you will love her favorite recipes!




Thanks for visiting PlantBasedPacific.com! We hope to share some recipes and keep you up to date with the publishing of this tropical cookbook.  I will share more about my recent adventures back to the Philippines and Japan in 2016 and all of the great food I had there, even as a vegan!